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Yes it's supposed to be fixed.

I'll run some additional tests by putting "&" in as many places as possible and see if something breaks.

Did you make any changes to the duplicate detection that you would like

me to try out and see if there are any improvements apart from the new


Thanks, for now I just made the feature optional.

I'll look into optimizations after the release of 3.1.0 (which will be the official Ubooquity 3, not in beta anymore).

Version 3.0.2 ( ) can be configured to activate Djvu specific logs.

This is done by setting the environnement variable DJVU_LOG to true.

Example of command line launch with this configuration, env variable are passed with the -D prefix:

java -DDJVU_LOG=true -jar Ubooquity.jar

Since 3.0.0, Ubooquity looks for duplicate files after scanning collections.

This can be a veeeeery long operation on big collections and cause issues like the one you encountered, so I deactivated it by default and added an option (in advanced settings) to re-enable it.

Here is the fixed version (3.0.2) :

Let me know how it goes.

That's something that's been on my mind for a long time, but as few people use OPDS feeds (and although I use them) it is usually deprioritized in favor of more popular features.

it will load 3 pages of booktitles and when I hit nr 3 it will start loading the next 3

I just tested this with KOReader and Ubooquity, that's the behaviour I get too, but only when page 3 is accessed from page 2 (using the > button), not if you jump directly to the last page using the >> button in KOReader.

I don't know why KOReader does not load the next page when you go directly to the last one, that's perhaps a question to ask on their Github bug tracker.

Although technically possible, I think the performance impact of needing to check all the subfolders recursively might be an issue.

All data (including read/unread status) is kept when upgrading, unless there is a major internal database structure update (which is the case for Ubooquity 3, due to the high number of modifications made to the internal model).

So once you are on Ubooquity 3, you should be safe for at least a few years (I'll try to avoid any breaking change as much as possible, as I don't like rescanning my whole collection either).

Very nice ! Thanks Erlend. :)