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Actually, I recommand you to set-up a https access with proxy reverse, in order to secure your the connexion.

Ubooquity is on my personal NAS, and I can access it from Chunky without any problem.

I really like Ubooquity, and I use it very often.

But we cannot deny that this is more than a simple "stand by project".

I won't say this is a "dead" one but clearly a definitively "closed" one. 

There is a lot of improvments that could be added.


Did you try :2202/ubooquity/opds-comics/ ?

i mean with the word Ubooquity, even if you remove it in the reverse proxy prefix.


Your url for opds have to be this way :


Have you the same ?


I have absolutely no idea about that. But I advice you to use Dockers Images, instead of installing the server by yourself. 

the option is not in dsm but in the Ubooquity administration page

here ´s a screenshot

hi, yes, you can remove it.

In admin page, advanced settings, set the « reverse proxy prefix » empty

It works for me.

Thanks for the answers.

Oh, too bad it's not longed updated.

Unfortunately, I don't have the technical skills to make a fork. I will use it as is.


Thanks for this app, it's a really good job.

I've got 3 suggestions :

1) It could be nice to be able to add "local directories" in addition to the ubooquity server

2) In the browse section, folders are only displayed with little thumbnails. Is there a way to display them with big thumbnails, as it's done with comics thumbnails ?

3) In the home section, it coud be nice to be able to add favorites folders