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Not changing it any more now...

I'm hoping that Scott can serve up the logo that matches Ubooquity's settings, i. e. show "comic server" if the book module is disabled.

You are right. It looks better this way.

Scott: Check your e-mail ;)
Don't hesitate to message if you need help with anything.

elmerfdz: The logo you mention has the same size (maybe even a bit smaller) on the sub text as "an amazon company"-text in the official Comixology. See this comparison.

You have any use for these? Fonts match the Comixology logo better and colors directly from official SVG logo of Comixology.
I have them in vectorized svg. Let me know if you want them and where to send them.

I have written a small bash-script that does the work of patching it for us.
It will also increase the preloaded images from two to four, which may require more memory.
Just edit the script to fit your own needs.

Could any of you give a guide how to do this, please.

Thank you! Always nice to hear that people appreciate my work :)

This has nothing to do with the theme, but your settings for Ubooquity.

Go to the admin interface and up the resolution on the thumbnail size for your comics/books.

You may have to press "Clear Comics database..." and rescan your whole collection to refresh the thumbnails with higher resolution.

I believe the default setting is to keep data streaming from the server light. I think you can adjust this by stopping Ubooquity and editing the values "shrunkPageWidth" & "shrunkPageHeight" in the preferences.json. Just add 9999 instead of the default values and you should get the result you want (I think...).

I understand that, but the starter of the topic seem to focus more on the /comics/comics/ "problem"