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You could set up each path separately, its a bit more work but gives you a nice list of "buttons" when browsing your comics.
Thanks, the file hosting service I used will delete the file in 30 days I think, so this is a lot better!
Yeah it would be nice to have an "advanced" search with more fields to be able to search in genre for example.
I'm running the software on a Synology as well, with about 35.000 items and haven't seen any memory issues. The scan seemed to have issues1 time when I added a few new file paths, but resumed after restarting Ubooquity.
What do you consider a large collection? 
I do have most of my collection in separate paths, like paths to publishers in the comic section and separate paths for each letter in the alphabet for the ebooks.
Cool, here is a link for those who would like to give it a try (it might contain some css mistakes, I've made it just today as a test):

Download "Material" theme
Thanks for the reply, it was spamming my logs, but nothing to worry about i guess.