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The Admin-Interface is at Port :2203/admin , in your case it would be <Diskstation-IP>:32768/admin since the Container Port 2203 is mapped to Port 32768 on your DS.

You can change the local Ports to something more usable. Also remember to add the Variables (PGID for GroupID and PUID for UserID) at the Environment Tab and Folders at the Volume Tab.

At -p are the Ports (you got these), -e are the Variables, -v are the Folders.

For the PUID and PGID refer to "User / Group Identifiers" in the instructions. You can get them via SSH. For my DS its PUID 1031 and PGID 100

Just install Docker via the package manager and go from there. The graphical interface is quite easy and the help topics comprehensive. Feel free to ask if you have specific questions.

Have you considered using docker? I am having a great time on my synology with the image from
It works like charm and is very easy to manage...



Thanks, works like a charm!

That did it!

Noticed another thing: when opening a book or comic at the bottom of a large directory, the Download/Read Now window opens at the top of the page, requiring to scroll up in order to see it.

GREAT work, looks awesome. Another Plex user here!

Everything works fine from first looks, just noticed the back button always drops me to the book or comic root when navigating within my folder structure (not only one level up).

Again, well done!

Using the command given in the instructions at (User / Group Identifiers) via SSH-Shell on my 1518+  got me UserID 1031 for DOCKERUSER and GroupID 100 for DOCKERGROUP.  You may try these or better check it yourself on your machine.

 $ id <dockeruser>
    uid=1031(dockeruser) gid=100(dockergroup) groups=100(dockergroup)

You may want to check and for further instructions.

Please look at  under "User / Group Identifiers" for Details. In short, you need to pass the user and group id for your server's dockeruser and dockergroup for this to work.

Please be advised that there is also an excellent docker image available from which simplifies deployment under DSM immensely.