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Can confirm it works!

I opened an issue on the Linuxserver/Ubooquity Github, they will update their Docker image when there is a stable release!

Also: Awesome work Tom!!!!!!!

Just for metrics: my collection (mostly epub) counts around 60k files with a database around 845mb. Performace is good when no scanning oparations are active. No loss of data in the last years. Using docker on a Synology 21+ with plenty of RAM running from SSD, books are on HDD.

I'd think it's meant to encourage you to consider implementing the requested functionality... 

Could you be a bit more specific what your problem is? For example which container you are using and where exactly you run into trouble configuring it?

Thanks for making that clear! 

For now I get basic functionality for online reading and navigating via nextcloud & it's epub/cbr reader plugin. Not anywhere near a dedicated reading platform with metadata and covers but usable and quite fast. Versatility (like having audiobooks on the same platform) is a plus too. 

Best of luck with your project! 

Sorry to hear that. Guess I have to stay with Ubooquity then. The curse of large book collections. I think I'll manage somehow...

No problem, I'll admit it may be an edge case having to somehow manage such a large amount of books... I wonder if there might be a way to stramline automatic editing of the metadata. Somthing akin to Tag&Rename fpr mp3 metadata. As long as there is no good way to pull Author, Title and Series data from filenames and folders I see no viable way to reorder my collection except using folders...

The missing folder view makes it impossible to use for me too. My ebook collection has thousands of titles which are partly sorted by author, and partly by franchises (Trek, Warhammer, etc.). In Kavita its totally scrambled and not navigable at all.

Komga looks and works really! good, but unfortunately until it supports reading actual text epubs its of very limited use to me...