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latest comment that I can see in that thread is 2 years old.

but it's ok. I've moved on

Did you even read my post?
"The last time you addressed this was 6 years ago".

That was the post I was referring too, now it's been 7 years

Because sharing it in DC++ means I need to have the same checksum as everyone else.

Yes, I've tried them both.

That has nothing to do with my question.

thats a no-go then. I won't modify my files. Then they'll get another checksum.

Do I really need them INSIDE of the files?
I have all my XML-information as an external XML-file with the same name as the Comic-file.

So how exactly am I supposed to use this?

The readme doesn't have anything on how to use PageBuilder (I run this from a Windows 10 machine ATM so I can't really run .sh files).

There is a line about editing Imprint Links manually but I can't find anywhere to edit those, and even if I did, where would I point them?

The Publishers Zip-file seem to list all Imprints as Publishers and not Publisher/Imprints

So do I just move the folder.css file to the Correct Imprint folder?