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OK I'll try it. You might want to correct your link so that it's httpS, chrome didn't want to load it and firefox gave me a warning

I'm giving it a try and it seems to work fine.

Did you change something to the way folder pictures are chosen? It used to be the cover of the first issue, alphabetically (provided folder.png is absent) but now it seems to chose a random issue? Or am I missing something.

No worries man, no one was expecting this for September 21st anyway. 
I'm just glad Ubooquity isn't actually dead (as I'm sure many others are). Hope you can sort out your problems soon!

Any hints on what new features we can expect?


I can confirm that the search function does search in the metadata, I can search by category (eg "Science-fiction") for example

Sorry for reopening a very old request but, to quote OP :

"I didn't see in the logs where a file was accessed/read online, just the downloads."

I'm seeing the exact opposite. There is no mention of downloads in the logs, only online reading. I'm guessing this changed since then. Is there a way to monitor downloads ?

Oh okay, thanks for the answer. I never noticed I could click on the page number.

I still feel it should be three different buttons, but I guess I can live with that

This is probably poor etiquette, but since I didn't get an answer, I'm going to go ahead and bump my own topic :-/

Simple yet efficient, well done :)


.jar files are just zip files, so you can unzip ubooquity.jar and edit the file ./comicreader/comicreader.js , search for IMAGE_MAX_NATIV_WIDTH and put the value of your choice (I go with 3000) then re-zip the whole folder as a new "ubooquity-modified.jar" (for instance) and run that one.

Doing this again at each update is a bit of hassle - although Ubooquity updates aren't that frequent :-) 

And here we are with a new release : don't forget to update your comicreader.js, folks ! ;)