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You can do that with Ubooquity 1.6.0 (released yestarday).You have to configure Ubooquity to use a port different from 80, then choose a reverse proxy prefix and redirect traffic corresponding to this prefix and the port you have chosen to Ubooquity.

For instance, if your server name is "", configure Ubooquity to use port 2202, set the reverse proxy prefix to "ubooquity" and configure your IIS/Apache/Tomcat to redirect all traffic corresponding to "" to "localhost:2202". (prefix and port number are only examples, use what you want).

Im glad you like Ubooquity. :)

You can customize the theme ( tutorial here ) but it will modify the aspect of all the pages. There is no way to customize appearance of a specific subset of comics. And to be honest, I don't have plans to add such a feature.
I tried to reproduce the problem by adding a thumbs.db file to a CBR comic, but it did not work (the comic was still readable by Ubooquity).
I suspect that the removal of the "thumbs.db" file from the archive triggered a recompression by WinRar which fixed the problem (meaning that a simple recompression without removing the "thumbs.db" would have worked too).

I have studied your log files, and indeed for a few of them, Ubooquity fails to extract the first image of the comic book (the cover).
All failing files are CBR files. So I suppose the problem comes from the library I use to read RAR (CBR) files. The files are either corrupted or use a specific version of RAR that is not supported by the library.
Unfortunately there is not much I can do to solve the problem. If you want them to be readable in Ubooquity I would advise to recompress them (extract the content of the files and recompress them).

If you send me one of the files I can try to understand a bit more what's the problem, but I'm quite pessimistic on the outcome.
the symptoms you describe usually happen with files that have an extension recognized by Ubooquity (cbr, cbz, pdf, epub, mobi) but that can't be opened by Ubooquity.

The reasons the files can't be opened can be (among others):
  • encrypted file
  • DRM protected file
  • corrupted file
  • wrong file extension with a real file type not supported by Ubooquity
  • etc.
When this happens, an error will be written to your log file during the scan. Take one of your files that have this problem and look for its name of in the log file, you should find the error.
You can also send me the full log file (tom 'at' so that I can take a look at the errors that occurred and check if everything works as intended.
I think the WD My Cloud NAS runs on Linux. So in theory, provided you have access to the command line of your NAS, you should be able to install Java and Ubooquity like any other program.
But not having a WD My CLoud NAS myself, I cannot help you on the specifics of the operation.

Perhaps you should ask this question on the My Cloud dedicated forums:

I'm sorry I can't help more.
Ubooquity does not know if you access it from a local network or from the internet. Ubooquity working on your local network means that your problem comes from one of your network components (hosting server, router, modem...).

For instance, to access my own instance of Ubooquity from the internet I had to:
  • Create a firewall rule on the Windows machine on which Ubooquity is running
  • Create a port forwarding rule on my router
  • Create a port forwarding rule on my ADSL modem (which acts as a router as well, unfortunately) to forward trafic to the router
It took me a few hours to figure out the problem was coming fro my modem.
Unfortunately this problem is completely specific to your setup, I'm afraid I can't do much on my side.

I hope I helped a little.