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Hi Tom

i got the same problem. again today.;.. it had been a long time without issue, probably because I upgraded to a more recent synology model, but the issue is not solved

this is the message i got in the log:

Error while reading log file: - /volume1/homes/Ubooquity/Ubooquity/logs/ubooquity.log (Too many open files)

to reproduce the problem, maybe you can install dsl on your pc using

also, i re-iterate my wish to participate in the development of ubooquity: it’s a very nice piece of softawre but updates are too scarce and we could make this even better

well! I got ubooquity back on its fit with a réinstallation. I’m not sure what went wrong. it’s annoying bacause the read/unread status is lost: maybe you could develop something to export the status as a .ubo file alongside the original page?

Can't figure out this issue: even when running ubooquity as root, it sttil gives me the same message:

20180119 01:49:02 [main] WARN - Could not find id of root path /volume1/comics/Général (ignore this warning if you just added a new root directory)

Has anyone else seen this problem?

Well, if you share several folders, each will appear as a different box in the second page, after clicking on « comics. » I’m assuming you could even put a picture for each folder

Hi, I've tried using docker to run ubooquity. It looks like it would be a good way to run it, but I wasn't able to manage the user rights: docker run ubooquity as user 911, which doesn't exists in my synology configuration

I created a user Ubooquity and would like to run the image as 'Ubooquity', but I wasn't able to figure out how to do that... do you have some advice on how to get it t run?

is this feature still on the roadmap?

option for 2 factors identification for admin page would be good; 

i’m not so keen on 2 factor auth for users, as it complicates login but:

something to lock IP adresses after a few failed attempts  would be nice indeed

if you need several condition (OR): put them in brakets with  | in between

my pattern looks like this:


You need to change the .conf file. Myself i did a complete reinstallation on a new folder (workdir parameter) and used the script provided above