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i don't want to change system settings on my NAS: Ubooquity is the only service that creates problem; on some web server like lightttp, the mas bum files can be configured... is there a similar setting within Ubooquity

I got the same error today, with same message in log: "too many open files" with same consequence: ubboquity becomes unresponsive. It's not killed, I can still see the process running, but it becomes unresponsive

This time, I was on iphone 4 (it's a bit old) on a slow connection (3G) testing how ubboquity behaved

This is a big problem: if ubboquity doesn't work well with ios equipement, it's a big issue I find

I'm thinking of an other way to achieve the same functionality: when the page fit the screen, then use the scroll wheel to turn pages. It would not interfere with moving the page up and down, and it would answer the request.

In fact, it's probably a better idea than using buttons that are not available on every mouse

Allowing the users to reset their password would be a really nice feature


I'm adding my two cents to that discussion, because ubooquity sorting could be improved. I've wrote a report on a closely related issue: Sorting order issue with OPDS feeds

The issue, I find, is that Ubooquity sorting is a mix between path/filename and metadata. For example, it seems it uses the metadata for finding the title of the comic, but it's using the path to the comic file for showing the folder;

This creates confusion sometime, because the folder might not be in direct relation with the file metadata. those are two different things and I think ubooquity should be two different sorting criteria. For example, on my disk, I group my collection in folders, part of my collection is grouped by series (1 folder par serie), other I use the author's name as the folder;

In addition: using fiie's metadata, if we could add sorting by genre and by author, that would be nice.

And finally, and that would be awesome: if we could search a comic by crietrias using metadata: all comics, genre = "aventure" && author = "bourgeon" .

Since I read that ubooquity sorting is done using the database, I'm hopping this shouldn't be too hard to implement: Enven the search feature: it should be a matter of preparing different pre-set queries in the database that present the results in the correct order

ah! didn't think of that... that's annoying, I'd like to use the mouse though... I don't know if you can detect mouse with page up/page down buttons ? then you could use those events to turn the page and leave scrolling for scrolling the page

As Michael wrote: I used the scan exclusion pattern (in Ubooquity admin settings) to exclude @eaDir from begin scanned. Works fine

Well, if it only takes 2 minutes of your time, then do the log thing... I'm not sure how I can use that in graphics and stuf, but it would still be an improvment from current situation: I could retrieve manually my scan history

well, I'd have to think about it a little more. my first thought would be that ubooquity store the scan statistics in a table (one record per scan, one column per stat about the scan) in the existing database. I'm assuming this wouldn't be too difficult to build. Then depending on what format is the db, we may develop graphics using that table using other tools: standalone tools and database connection with like excel or access, or even build Html files with php database connection. this sounds like the easiest way... if the database is accessible of cours

i have the same issue: I can't browse Ubooquity from my iPad. The page is very slow to load fully. and when waiting for the page to finish loading, the page doesn't load properly: the thumbnails do not correspond to the titles, even the navigation toolbar is not loaded properly: the navigation arrows for example don't appear in the top toolbar, but at the bottom of the page, at the position of a thumbnail.

I'm not sure of what could be the problem: it's not php so I can't look at the code to have a look