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I've done a little digging about the planned task feature, and I've decided to go with it instead of continuing with upstart scripts

Here is what I've done:

  1. create a task in "planned tasks" with 2 options
    1. launch on boot
    2. use a script file from one of my shared folder
  2. create a file in designated shared folder
My "" file reads like this:

# installation settings
# app settings
# This ensures that ubooquity reads special characters properly
#export LC_ALL=fr_FR.utf8
export LANG=fr_FR.utf8
$JAVA_BIN -jar $PCKG_BIN --adminport $ADMINPORT --libraryport $PORT --workdir $WORK_DIR --remoteadmin --headless

This way, it's extremely easy to modify the script: you don't even need to go in admin panel in DSM, just modify the file and restart the NAS. Also, a bash file allows a bit more flexibility

I also want to thank you for ubooquity: it really is doing a fine job. If you could just open-source your code, you would make my dau: there is a ton of nice features we could add to ubooquity that would make it THE reference of book servers, but you are limited in time (especially now since I understand you've had a girl?). If we could contribute to your code that would be awesome

I want to add a comment on the best way to run ubooquity on Synology: lately Synology has added the possibility to create and run scripts from within the GUI: we can define scripts and tell the NAS to run them at run time, before shut down, or periodically... this would be a perfect place to tell the NAS to run ubooquity at run time

This new feature would avoid ssh the NAS, manipulate the file system and we have to vi the conf file, with all the complexity it has for non-linux users: it's a lot simpler to create the script directly from that GUI.

My guess is that copying this code in the panel Synology has created for us would work, but I haven't tested this since I'm happy with how my script is working; but I believe it would be better to manage the script directly from the GUI, it might be safer too....

If someone feels like testing this new method for running ubooquity and let us know how it goes, it would be neat :-)

hi Tom,

how many pages do you have on your library? maybe there is only 2 different pages to load? my settings are: 24 comics per page, and i have more than 50 pages

also can you try something? on your raspberry, can you reduce the number of file allowed to something below 1024, and then browse your library for many pages.... 


I've downloaded the latest release and installed it on my system. Globally, it's working as before: I like the new look and feel of the admin interface, scanning of my (rather large) collection went without a single issue; so I have to give a thumb up for the new release

on the down side, I didn't see much improvment on this particular subject (nor on other features I was hopping to see in release 2.0 -like a way for users to modify their password- why would you not open-source ubooquity? you've built a cool piece of software, it could gain momentum with 3rd party apps and reader coming in, but 1 year between 2 releases, it's way too slow: you should let us contribute)

Anyway, back to the topic: I've tested today, and the file leak is still there, everthing goes smooth but once I reach 1024 file handles, it breaks down

Ok, I finally tested this again and am finally able to see the content

Your explanation were correct: I didn't pay enough attention to this remark

(note the double backslashes and the absence of ".h2.db" extension)

this and the fact that h2 opens an empty database instead of telling me there is nothing got me confused

I have the same problem: every restart of ubooquity I get these messages. I don't know what is teh /config folder you are mentionning: to my point of view, it all goes in "work_dir" directory which is a parameter I use when launching ubooquity. If this is the folder you are mentioning, then I do have write permissions

if your system has 256Mb of memory, you must set a limit lower than this or you will get memory errors. i have a ds212 with same memory and have set the limit to 128mb for ubooquity (so that m'y synology can still operate even with ubooquity scanning in the bzckground)


I wanted to get some news about this issue; do you think you will correct it for the next release ? I'm asking because when I open the server to a new user, he starts navigating a lot to see what's there and this keeps happening... that's quite annoying.

I've tried increasing the max number but that doesn't help: it just delays the crash a little, but the crash happens anyway

if the cause is unknown, I propose a workaround that would allow me to keep the server running: catch that exception, and end ubooquity process with an error code (I believe exit(9) is the correct exit code in that case?) so the OS can detect the crash and launch a procedure to restart ubooquity from scratch (equivalent to kill 'ubooquity' followed by start ubooquity.

If the issue is coming from chunky as you describe, then indeed there is no need to change anything on ubooquity side