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About this the read/unread feature. Is there a way to keep the read/unread status when upgrading previous ubooquity version?  I'd really appreciate if I didn't have to do it all over

Hello Tom,

I'm very happy to see that the work hasn't been stopped on ubooquity. I've run the beta it on my PC, and it works fine. I haven't seen any issues

Good work :-)

you need it inside. But if you have the xml files -with the correct format-, yan can simply drag and drop them inside the cbz (cbz is simply a zip file). If the xml format is correct (comic.xml is sort of a standard now) , ubooquity will read them

OK! I managed to get ubooquity running again using the linuxservierio docker image... I had to scratch my head a little to get it working though, and I'm not quite satisfied as I only got it running as superuser for which I'm not happy: I wanted to get it to work as ubooquity user which I created for that purpose... 

I might put a tuto if I get it to work properly

Do you have a tuto on how to use docker with synology DSM7? 

because I've just tried this solution and couldn't get it to work (after years of using ubooquity, I'm not happy)


in administrative/advanced pannel you can put an exclusion pattern

just write a regex expression that matches your pattern I would suggest  something like


Hello Tom!

nice to see you are still active! Do you have any indication of when and what features are planned in the next version ?

ha! autre chose: le plugin bedetheque' scrapper est open source, donc je te recommande de partir de là et de développer une UI autour qui te permettrait de te passer de comicrack (j'y ai pensé plusieurs fois depuis que comickrack a été abandonné, mais c'est vraiment trop bien: je m'en passe pas) 


pour ma part, j'utilise ComicRack en conjonction avec le plugin 'Bedegest' scrapper' . Ca scrappe le catalogue bedetheque sans problème, ca récupère des tas d'infos et ca génère le xml (je crois même que cComicInfo.xml provient de comicrack originellement) 

ça fait des merveilles depuis toujours. Malheureusement ComicRack n'est plus développé et le site est par terre: tu auras peut etre du mal à mettre la main dessus, mais ca vaut le coup de chercher tout çà

pdf are awfull... try to convert them?  I used to have a similar problem, and never had it again when I converted them