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As a general rule: don't use pdf, ubooquity doens't like them, especially the big files. Convert to cbz or epub (for books)

la réponse est cbz, sans conteste possible; c'est plus rapide, moins lourd, plus facile à manipuler... sur mon installation, j'ai même spécifiquement exclu les fichiers pdf du scan ubooquity: ca ralentit trop

HI! I didn't know about Komga, thanks for pointing it to my knowledge. It looks promising, I will definitely have a look at it, although I would prefer keep ubooquity that has done a fine job, beeing stable, and reliable for all this time, it would really be a shame if it became abandonned because of slow developement 

Hi Tom,

I still believe you should open source the project, I would insist tha tyou do: it seems many people are willing to participate, and it's frustrating not be able to, espacially in theis time of confinment where many have a lot of time on our hands. 

Besides, you're using open source projects for building ubooquity, and it's only natural to give back to the open source community the wonderfull work you've done with it. 


Did you solve your issue?  I've been running ubooquity without any issue for a couple of years, if you follow the tutorial, it should be fine; which procedure did you follow? 


could you re-consider your position about open-sourcing ubooquity please? You've done a fantastic job, but many features/improvements are not beeing developped because you are lacking the time for it. I Believe a few of us would be willing to do somthing about it, but can't do anything until you release the code

try adding an other server with ...;/opds-books instead of ..;/opds-comics


about the docker image: I've tried using it on my synology, but I couldn't get it to work. my problem was after creating the image I couldn't figure how to run the process with the proper user... I've given up on that solution, since I'm quite happy with the upstart script, but the docker image may be of interest for other. 

do you think you could write a full tutorial? here or even better, on the help page (using github?)

... I don't understand your problem: can you put the script you are using here and where you save that script?


you have to make a choice: either launch ubooquity

  • using upstart calling ubooquity.conf script in /etc/init/ubooquity.conf
  • using task manager calling script

Then since you seem to use the upstart script and you use  dsm 6, you should put

start on started nginx

and not

start on started httpd (by the way I don't believe it works with httpd-laurent..... )

if you want to use the task manager, use the sh script that is given in the help

install on synology