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What is your command line? If you could provide it, it would be easier to help

Actually, I think it would be nicer to use 3 flags : read/on-going/unread;

And we should have 2 icons for "read(meaning finished)" and "on-going" : those little icons would be an overlay of the comics thumbnail and also on top of the folder.

I don't think we should use a third icon meaning "unread": I have the feeling it would look bad (hiding part of the cover which might not be a good idea for a comics you are discovering, also the "unread" icon would probably have a red color and the whole GUI would look like there is a problem, ...)

Finally, about that feature: we should have a function to reset the read status of a comic (and a folder) to default (which is "unread" of course)

Ahve a look at the post about installation of version 2.0 on synology: there has been some changes in new version of ubooquity that makes a big difference

I should find the time to rewrite the tutorial, but I don't understand how to use git for this

About cpu utilization and the time it takes to open a comic, I've found that reading online large file takes a lot of time -even with my new NAS- but only the first 3 or 4 pages, I don't understand why 5i can undertand that it takes a long time to get to the first page, maybe a little more to cache the next pages, but after that... I don't know)

increasing memory can only help, but you'll have to tell me if it's useful: I didn't do any testing on that. besides if you leave the memory parameter blank this allow java to use as much memory as the system allows, meaning that setting the parameter can only reduce the amount of memory ubooquity will use, so I'm not sure this will help, but let me know if you feel different

right! I forgot about the memory parameter. I belive it's only important if you have an old synology: I've just upgraded to DS216+ with 1Go of RAM, and this parameter is not as important as before (DS212 with 256Mo)

anyway: replace the current line 

$JAVA_BIN -jar $PCKG_BIN --adminport $ADMINPORT --libraryport $PORT --workdir $WORK_DIR --remoteadmin --headless & UBOOQUITY_PID=$!

with the new one

$JAVA_BIN -Xmx$MEM -jar $PCKG_BIN --adminport $ADMINPORT --libraryport $PORT --workdir $WORK_DIR --remoteadmin --headless & UBOOQUITY_PID=$!

Also: I found that all DSM upgrades are deleting the script. A simple restart will keep ubooquity.conf file but DSM upgrade removes it; you have to manually put it back

my guess is that you didn't put the startup script in the proper directory: you run ubooquity in command line and it is not set up as a startup script. I don't remember right now exactly the folder to save the script, but if you look at the post about ubooquity 2.0 on synology i've written the procedure

i'm fine with the idea of dispalying the last events, but in that case it would be better to display the last 1000 lines rather than the first 1000's , don't you think? 

yes of course! This is my new script

echo "Ubooquity task manager script"
#nom du fichier enregistrant le pid de ubooquity au lancement
# installation settings
# app settings

# This ensures that ubooquity reads special characters properly
#export LC_ALL=fr_FR.utf8
export LANG=fr_FR.utf8

#Command line for launching ubooquity
echo "Starting the Ubooquity server"
$JAVA_BIN -jar $PCKG_BIN --adminport $ADMINPORT --libraryport $PORT --workdir $WORK_DIR --remoteadmin --headless & UBOOQUITY_PID=$!
echo "The server has been started with pid $UBOOQUITY_PID ."
exit 0

I can't tell you the problem: it's not the font issue, I4ve had the same issue for months and it did not prevent ubooquity from working

I can only advise you to look at the post detailing how to get ubooquity working on a synology. I would advise you to double-check the parameter "execdir: /volume1/Livres/Ubooquity" you put at the end of you command line: maybe something is wrong (check that ubooquity has read/write privileges maybe?)