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I made a smal script a while ago that i use that querys the internal API for read progress and "mark as done" , check it out here:

I also helped a few themes include the script in thier theme, so there are a few that use it.

Hi again,

I did a super fast and small setup on my main PC and you need to disable the "Store bookmarks in cookie instead of server" option under advanced for it to work.


Hmmm... , it sounds like you are doing it correct.

And your new theme folder looks like the image above for "readprogress_1"?, and you made it from the admin panel and its the active theme?

In you second post your image from your comics seems to be in a top folder (because all the comics have a red box with a number), if you go into the "Adler" comics folder and read a few and then stay in the Adler folder do you see the progress?


Yes, thats correct, there is no need to run any additional software, runing the ubboquity.jar will be enough (exept for the bookmarks.exe that i made), the /user-api/ path is an internal path ubooquity uses and its not part of the themes folder.

The folder structure seems correct, did your PC ask you to overwrite the themeScript.js when copying?

Did you make sure that "readprogress_1" is the active theme in the admin panel?

Not sure if having multiple themes with the same name or simular name might bug the themes?, could you try make a new with a totaly different name?

If you press F12 and press the console tab does it say any red errors?

Hi again,

I might have been a bit vague when describing how to use it, ;)

example structure:

So your last image should have a lot more theme files and you dont need the bookmarks program in the theme folder if you dont like to.

Easiest if you create a new theme in the admin panel (http://your_ip_address:2203) so it copies all the files for the theme to you new theme folder or if you use the default theme.

Sorry for tthe late reply pppasc, the email was placed in my junk mail.

It sounds like it could be a cashe problem, how did you install it?, could you send a screenshot of you theme folder?

And maybe a screentshot of you development console, it's F12 in chrome so i can see if there are any errors.

To clear the cache you could try press ctrl+F5 (for chrome, not sure about firefox or Edge), also does it work in incognito/private mode?

The python script and the ubooquity server file must be run on the same computer.

here is an almost complete layout:

"filesPaths" : [ ],
"comicsPaths" : [ {
"pathString" : "path_here",
} ],
"booksPaths" : [ {
"pathString" : "path_here",
} ],
"isFilesProviderEnabled" : true,
"isComicsProviderEnabled" : true,
"isBooksProviderEnabled" : true,
"isUserManagementEnabled" : false,
"libraryPortNumber" : 2202,
"adminPortNumber" : 2203,
"comicWidth" : 160,
"comicHeight" : 230,
"comicsPaginationNumber" : 30,
"bookWidth" : 160,
"bookHeight" : 230,
"booksPaginationNumber" : 30,
"minimizeToTray" : true,
"minimizeOnStartup" : true,
"autoscanPeriod" : 0,
"isRemoteAdminEnabled" : true,
"theme" : "theme",
"isShrinkingCacheEnabled" : false,
"shrunkPageWidth" : 1536,
"shrunkPageHeight" : 2500,
"shrinkingCachePath" : "",
"autoScanAtLaunch" : false,
"reverseProxyPrefix" : "",
"keystorePath" : "",
"keystorePassword" : "",
"isOpdsProviderEnabled" : true,
"folderExclusionPattern" : "",
"bypassSingleRootFolder" : true,
"enableFolderMetadataDisplay" : true,
"bookmarkUsingCookies" : false,
"displayTitleInsteadOfFileName" : false,
"keepUnreachableSharedFolders" : false,
"isCalibreLibrary" : false,
"instanceId" : "xxxxxxxx"

So the cover didnt work for Calobre either?