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I got the CBR's with no cover from my NAS, unpacked it and repacked it with zip .. 
no issue there. I am more happy that I do not have rar5 than that I have such issues. So little investment in my own time here .. 

Great .. working in a test environment .. 

But see during scan 1 comic with broken image .. 

in the old version I have a front-cover.

Looks like that 'diacritical signs' are not well handled in the new version

Aéropostale -- Legendarische Piloten - 01 - Guillaumet

in linux in shell 'A'$'\303\251''ropostale -- Legendarische Piloten - 01 - Guillaumet.cbr'

Image 799

I have 14K comics, no issue.


can you open the comic?

Can you see the covers (on the server / use CLI ?)

where and how is your installation?

Are the covers having correct system user rights? 

did you change things on your server?

did you check the /log/ folder for the ubooquity.log? do you see errors?

So there is too much variables to say what it could be.

Indeed. if implemented (which will not I understand) it will not give me more from my reader .. ;) Still happy with Ubooquity 

you advocate your tool a lot in this forum and you see the users here need another way of how files are being indexed. almost all comics I have are made like this and are just the JPGs in a CBR or CBZ no metadata file comicinfo xml file whatever .. Even changing naming conventions which are not possible as the episodes of the comics do not use them or will not cover what has been inside. The foldername and/or filename is what defines what episode I have. Its the most easiest way to give the user what he wants. 

I have used the tool and a lot of comics where indexed in such a way an episode cannot be found again.

So I understand you want to share that there is an alternative, but the general reply is that most users of ubooquity have different needs than you can/will offer

Same here, I dislike the way people force me to put metadata in files where the metadata is the folder where it is in. it's the same with music tools: they force me to put id3tags in it, I dislike it. The name of the file says it all and it is in the folder what says it all. No need for artsist name, song name, genre etc.. 

I understand that it can be nice to have it, but for data hoarders like me: a simple folder scan and show whats inside, just what ubooquity does is what is needed and not only for US comics.

So other tools have potential but as long as metadata has to be put in every file, not standardized ..  it takes way too much time to do so.

I even tried Kavita, but the way the app is indexing comics is like how people index an artist with various albums of music. Totally not what I want or need. I want it to index a folder and not based on what is in the filename, therefore it was not a solution for me. Although it is really quiet around Ubooquity: the program is doing what it should do for me. do I need more? Not really, am I happy with what is is right now: yes, could the Ui different: yes and therefore we have themes .. the only thing I can imagine is that JAVA is consuming a bit too much resources in my VM .. and it does not keep up with the java versions (but why upgrade .. )

great.. running 2.1.2 now ;) 

where can I find the release notes?

@set, confirmed, put it in rar4 and issue gone .. 

good to know, but I believe if more people will upgrade, the issue will be more reported ;) good for a wiki ;)