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Damn, look at Tom go!

Happy the dude is still alive and I bet v3.0 is awesome. 

 Did you even read the comments? Tom replied just 1 year ago. 

I guess the question should have been "Have I tried Jellyfin?". Really, I'm glad it ended up working so well out of the box for you. Komga definitely took me a good long time to setup, specifically because I setup each Publisher as its own library, but at this point I'm so deep in my read/unread status that I'll hopefully never change apps again.

It took a lot of work but looks so good with publishers setup that way though.

Image 795

Oh, and Mylar FTW. I donate at least once a year to EvilHero.

Does the job...

Seriously, give Komga a look. The Tachiyomi app for offline reading integration makes it really great. 

it's been 4 years. Time to move on. Have you tried Komga?

there's also Kavita, but it's been a wip for a bit and I haven't checked it out in a while. 

No offense to Tom, as it really has been awhile. I consider this thing dead and have moved on to Komga. Grab Tachiyomi, if you're on android, for offline reading that syncs back to the server (like Plex but it actually works).

What OS are you running Ubooquity on?

Regardless, I highly recommend running Docker and installing the Container.

Google "Mylar3", it's the first result on Github.

Is your server Windows or linux?  This thing runs on Python3, which is automatically installed on Linux and a pain to get working right on Windows.  But it's doable, my server is Windows due to everything running a lot easier on it once Python is setup.

There's an "Installation" link on the github page though.

Cool.  Is that fix in the current master branch?  I see you updated themescript.js 17 days ago.