[Feature Request] Go to next comic

Hayden Jones 5 years ago updated by Barrett Roberts 2 years ago 7
When using the web reader, the ability to "go to next" would be great.
for example; On the last page when you click the "next" button it would load the next comic.

Under review

Can we just have some thanks for Tom for the new version (2.1.2)?

Timmo 1 year ago updated by bollings 12 months ago 10

There are a lot of requests and complaints. Ubooquity isn't some massive Apple sized corporation, it's just Tom in his spare time. People sometimes forget this.  Tom has released a new version (2.1.2). Please be polite and say thanks. He works in his spare time on it when he could be doing something else.

I've donated to the project to say thanks. Maybe you should too if you get value out of the product.


write read states to metadata files (comic and books alike)

Are Finstad 5 years ago updated by Ryan Brain 2 years ago 21
wish that Ubooquity saved the read state of the comics/books we read into the metadata files itself. that way we will always be in sync with ComicRack and such as read states would cross over, if you read something in CR it will reflect in Ubooquity and vice versa (mainly this one for my usage)

would be great to be able to read whatever with Ubooquity when you are on the move and dont have access to CR freely and the read states would be saved in the cbz files we have so when we return to CR or whatever place we choose to read more it will know our read state.

your server program can already read CR supported metadata, why not read states and let it update read states aswell for us.

just started to use your program and i love it so far as it just opens up the sharing in a much easier way than CR does it.

[2.0] add unread tag on overview and on each comic

Madrox 3 years ago updated by Elouan 2 years ago 3

now that we have bookmarks on the serverside it would be great to not only show the number of comics in a folder but also how many of them are unread.

also showing an unread symbol at each comic that hasn't been read would be cool.


epub reader

nxmehta 5 years ago updated by Steven Strauss 3 years ago 22
It would be great if we could actually read epub files inside of Ubooquity instead of just being able to download them.

There is a nice, open source library for viewing epub files in a browser: https://github.com/futurepress/epub.js/

Perhaps that could be integrated into Ubooquity?

Comixology Theme V2 finally released!

Scott (ScooterPSU) 8 months ago updated by informatiko 2 months ago 293

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally got the new version of my theme in a form I feel comfortable to release.

It's a massive overhaul from the last version, with a lot of style/feature upgrades. The top-page navigation is all added via jQuery, so it persists across pages. The below text (Comics > Publishers, etc), if not on a folder-info.htm page, is generated on-the-fly.

is the page with the new theme, an updated PageBuilder if you're using it from the previous theme, and some example series and story arc pages (the story arc example supports George Baker's json.cbr files).

Here is an album of how it currently looks.

I'm linking rather than embedding since I won't be able to edit this post later. I'll keep the Github page updated with new features and the album with new images. My goal is to also use the Github wiki to demonstrate how to configure all the extra features.

All theme settings are saved in the themeScript.js, though it should work fine without changing anything. Enjoy!


unread flag

Matthieu 5 years ago updated by Anvi 8 months ago 5

Thanks to Ubooquity ;-) my library becomes bigger and bigger, and therefore I get used to lost if I read one or another comic.

Could their be a flag added in the db, associated to each item, to say if you read it or still have to?
This would have to be per ubooquity user.

I'm expecting such feature to be not only appreciated by me in the community :-)

PS: a "tag as read/unread" feature, for an item or folder, would have also to be added, to close the loop.

Let us know! :-)

browse by categories, authors, etc in opds

Joshua Chaitin-Pollak 5 years ago updated by Maarten 7 months ago 6
Hello, I would like to be able to browse the library by author or category (extracted from calibre) rather than just the raw file structure on disk.

Sorting order issue with OPDS feeds

Elouan 4 years ago updated by Chip Woods 2 years ago 24

The sorting order in OPDS feeds is bizarre. All my files are named using the the same pattern

...\<Serie>\<Serie> - <Number> - <Title>

In OPDS feeds, I don't see the full filenames, only the titles. So I'm assuming Ubooquity is reading the metada and presenting the user with just the titles. It's nice, but it creates a problem when sorting the files:

If OPDS was using file names, I would see "Talon - 01 - clacla" before "Talon - 02 - blabla"

And I see blabla first and clacla second => OPDS is sorting the titles by alphabetical order instead of using the number.... even though it's reading the metada of the file and is certainly able to read the number!

Is there a trick to get Ubooquity sorting in the proper order (namely by number in the serie) ? I use Comicrack to write the metada.: maybe there is a special way to tag cbz files ?

Under review

Kuboo - Ubooquity Client for Android

Seth Chhim 1 year ago updated by D.G 4 months ago 48

Hello, I'm back with a refactor of my Android work. I decided to rebrand (Kotlin + Ubooquity = Kuboo). This time the project is a more modular build and also fully open sourced available on Github. I am getting more comfortable with Kotlin and I hope it shows here with many performance improvements and bug fixes.

Give it a try if you would like! Post any bugs or requests on Github Issues, not this thread please.