[Feature Request] Go to next comic

Hayden Jones 3 years ago • updated by Barrett Roberts 4 months ago 7
When using the web reader, the ability to "go to next" would be great.
for example; On the last page when you click the "next" button it would load the next comic.


write read states to metadata files (comic and books alike)

Are Finstad 3 years ago • updated by Ryan Brain 10 months ago 21
wish that Ubooquity saved the read state of the comics/books we read into the metadata files itself. that way we will always be in sync with ComicRack and such as read states would cross over, if you read something in CR it will reflect in Ubooquity and vice versa (mainly this one for my usage)

would be great to be able to read whatever with Ubooquity when you are on the move and dont have access to CR freely and the read states would be saved in the cbz files we have so when we return to CR or whatever place we choose to read more it will know our read state.

your server program can already read CR supported metadata, why not read states and let it update read states aswell for us.

just started to use your program and i love it so far as it just opens up the sharing in a much easier way than CR does it.

epub reader

nxmehta 4 years ago • updated by Steven Strauss 2 years ago 22
It would be great if we could actually read epub files inside of Ubooquity instead of just being able to download them.

There is a nice, open source library for viewing epub files in a browser: https://github.com/futurepress/epub.js/

Perhaps that could be integrated into Ubooquity?

[2.0] add unread tag on overview and on each comic

Madrox 1 year ago • updated by Elouan 11 months ago 3

now that we have bookmarks on the serverside it would be great to not only show the number of comics in a folder but also how many of them are unread.

also showing an unread symbol at each comic that hasn't been read would be cool.


Sorting order issue with OPDS feeds

Elouan 3 years ago • updated by Chip Woods 12 months ago 24

The sorting order in OPDS feeds is bizarre. All my files are named using the the same pattern

...\<Serie>\<Serie> - <Number> - <Title>

In OPDS feeds, I don't see the full filenames, only the titles. So I'm assuming Ubooquity is reading the metada and presenting the user with just the titles. It's nice, but it creates a problem when sorting the files:

If OPDS was using file names, I would see "Talon - 01 - clacla" before "Talon - 02 - blabla"

And I see blabla first and clacla second => OPDS is sorting the titles by alphabetical order instead of using the number.... even though it's reading the metada of the file and is certainly able to read the number!

Is there a trick to get Ubooquity sorting in the proper order (namely by number in the serie) ? I use Comicrack to write the metada.: maybe there is a special way to tag cbz files ?


Open Source Ubooquity

Elouan 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 2


I really appreciate your work on ubooquity, and would be eager to collaborate on improving it. you mentionned in a couple of places that you may consider making ubooquity open-source, have you made progress on the idea? There are a lot of features that could be implemented/improved and I'm sure it could go faster if we went collaborative on ubooquity


Improved comics reader

Tom 4 years ago • updated 3 years ago 18
Allow options to choose the way images are displayed in the browser ("fit width", "fit height", "original", etc).
Perhaps also allow splitting doubles pages for better display.

Web reader full screen

Hayden Jones 3 years ago • updated by Tom 2 years ago 9

Would it be possible to add:

<meta name="mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
to the webpage. This will allow mobile devices to display the page in fullscreen.

Tom 3 years ago

So, I tried implementing this. Not as easy as it sounds.

Well, for Android it was, the following line did the trick:

<meta name="mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes">

But for iOS, it's not that simple (as usual). Although there is a configuration that do launch the web browser in fullscreen mode:

<meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes">

as soon as you click a link you are redirected to Safari.

I tried to change programmatically the location of the page each time a link is clicked (to stay in fullscreen mode), but it broke some parts of Ubooquity.

Bottom line: you'll have fullscreen on Android in the next release but not on iOS.


"ComicViewer for Ubooquity" now available on Google Play Store

Seth Chhim 2 years ago • updated by Maahi Pal 7 months ago 99

Google Play Link

Check out my app, it is a webview wrapper that gives Ubooquity viewing two additional features. Immersive fullscreen and swipe-to-turn page. I have been using it for a week and it makes a big difference in my viewing experience. Free, No ads or unnecessary permissions.

Due to request of Tom, I have renamed the app and included a non affiliation disclosure. I would like to learn more about Ubooquity and make a full client one day, so if anyone can post documentation I can read please provide it. I use your server software almost everyday and its been great so I would like to give back and contribute.


Reading two Pages at once...

Ralf Plaschke 3 years ago • updated by Tom 2 years ago 10
I love Ubooquity. The online reader is very comfortable and quick, so downloading and syncing is no longer necessary. I really love that. To make my reading experience perfect, i would like to have an option to display 2 following pages at once (or one double page, if it's a wide one), because my widescreen monitor is too wide for fit to width and not high enough for fit to height.

I'd would be perfect to have two pages side by side an do a little up and down scrolling.. or to buy a larger monitor of course... or buy one having a pivot function... sigh... ;)